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11th – 19th February 2012

“See the change you want to be in the world”

Arts in Action proudly supports the Transitions Film Festival, a visionary film program dedicated to showcasing ground-breaking documentaries about our global culture in transition towards a sustainable future. The inspiring world-changing topics include the future of energy, sustainable economics, global action on climate change, ecological architecture and organic agriculture. Taking place as part of the larger Sustainable Living Festival, these films will propel forward the debate in Australia about what we can do to create a sustainable society.

Festival Director Tim Parish

“We are currently experiencing rapid transformation of industrial, technological, economic and social change beyond anything previously experienced by humankind.The challenge of our generation is to consciously guide this transition to a sustainable global civilisation rather than let it spiral out of control, ecologically, financially or socially. Many within the environment movement understand that people are aware of the issues we face, and that there is a growing need to focus on the solutions to manifest a positive, creative culture of sustainability.”

The groundbreaking films in this program will each tackle this challenge head on, exploring the current state of play in Australia and around the world, highlighting positive and inspiring examples of solutions, ideas and innovations into the state of the global environment movement. Each session will be accompanied by a short film to bring the themes explored in the feature to a local context – illustrating ways in which the ideas being discussed can and are being putting into action.


Sat 11th of February – National premiere of award-winning German documentary ‘Energy Autonomy: The 4th Revolution’ as part of the launch event on International Energy Futures with Australian documentary The Futuremakers about Australian scientists at the forefront of the clean energy revolution.

Sun 12th of February – OUR WORLD 2.0 – A public forum with short films hosted by the United Nations Association of Australia (Victoria) on global sustainability, paths to a green economy and the UN International Year of Renewable Energy for All.

Mon 12th of February – Sustainable Economics screening: Real Estate 4 Ransom with filmmaker and ‘renegade economist’ Karl Fitzgerald discussing global financial crisis, boom and bust economics and sustainable economic alternatives.

Tues 14th of February – ECO-VISIONARIES –screening 2012: Time For Change with introduction by filmmaker Daniel Pinchbeck (via linkup).

Wed 15th of February – International Premiere for ‘Earthships: New Solutions’ which will be introduced by visionary architect Michael Reynolds at the Melbourne Town Hall. The screening will also include a short film and talk by the Jack Thompson Foundation, discussing their work teaching self-building techniques in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

Thursday 16th of February – Public forum with documentary filmmakers attending the festival with DOCO 3000 @ State Library of Victoria.

Friday 17th of Feb – ORGANIC PHILOSOPHY > free screening @ Federation Square of films about permaculture, organic farming and sustainable agriculture as part of the Sustainable Living Festival BIG WEEKEND.

Saturday 18th of February Free public screening at Federation Square Main Screen of the spectacular film ‘Home’, as well as the national premiere of US documentary ‘Carbon Nation’.

Statewide synchronised screenings of HOME on the 18th of February as part of the Sustainable Living Festival’s State of Sustainability program.

The festival takes place at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne Town Hall and at Federation Square as part of the Sustainable Living Festival. Transitions is suported by the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, the United Nations Association of Australia (Victoria), The City of Melbourne, Red Energy, Hepburn Wind, Prosper Australia and

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