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Soul Theatre is having it’s BIG LAUNCH on March 18 for its work in educating society and the politicians about the seriousness of the Climate Change Crisis and helping to provide solutions.

Climamania explores the emotional terrain of climate change through theatre and music. The project also has a special focus on highlighting climate justice issues – the way climate change has greater impacts on those who have least capacity to adapt and respond, including developing nations, Indigenous communities, asylum seekers and refugees, future generations and rural communities.

Soul Theatre’s Climamania Project highlights both the issues and some of the solutions in tackling climate change – but don’t expect any dry presentations, or many stats and facts. Recent conferences, exhibitions and thinking from around the world point to art and cultural media as more provocative, more inspiring and deeper vehicles for shaping society’s perceptions and actions around global crises

Climamania Launch 

6-10pm Sunday 18 March
The Athol Gill Centre 100 Hodgkinson Street, Clifton Hill
$25 full | $15 concession Cash only at the door.

Local, national and international artists will share their interpretations of climate change at the launch of Climamania on Sunday 18 March. Performers will include Bob Sedergreen, Rod Quantock, Carl Pannuzzo, Penny Larkins, Brendan Gray, Julia Sutherland, Cameron Semmens, Lia Avene, Boori Monty Pryor and more.

Yarra-based Beyond Zero Emissions are leaders in the national conversation around climate change solutions and will also be presenting their plan for tackling Climate Change on the night.

Proceeds from the launch will go to the production of Soul Theatre’s Australian premiere of The Contingency Plan by UK Playwright Steve Waters. Paul Gilding’s book The Great Disruption will also be available at the launch at a reduced price of $30!

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Soul Theatre is a charitable, cultural organisation representing the misunderstood and disenfranchised, that creates high quality productions, not only of an entertaining nature but thought provoking and educational nature as well. Soul Theatre is largely the product of Alicia Liley, who founded Soul Theatre Inc. in 1994. Alicia has an extraordinary story, helping others particularly those who don’t have a voice to represent themselves. Click here to read about her amazing recovery from a serious motor accident.