Arts in Action is a film screening enterprise based in Melbourne presenting local and international documentary films that inspire social action and change.

Started by Melbourne Photographer and Complimentary Health Practitioner Angie Muccillo in March 2011, the mission of Arts in Action is to create socially conscious film screening events that serve to move, enlighten and inspire social action using the power of documentary film and to use the profits from screening events to support, raise funds and awareness for nonprofit/charity organizations, filmmaking and crowfunding projects.

Arts in Action promotes and supports the work of filmmakers who use the power of film and the screen experience to communicate their message and story. Arts in Action selects and presents evocative and inspiring films that document the work of art and video activists, photo philanthropists, videographers, street, and other artists whose work makes a difference by challenging perceptions and raising awareness of social, health and environmental issues.

Collaboration – Fundraising & Awareness Raising Events

Arts in Action collaborates with a chosen non profit/charity organisation, to set up a joint venture which supports the goals and progress of the organisation.  Organisations are matched with the causes and issues raised through the films. The aim is to set up creative and mutually beneficial partnerships, in particular with grassroots and other social organisations. Click here for past collaborations.


Pioneered  by Snag Films the concept of “Filmanthropy” is a term that Founder and Chairman Ted Leonsis uses to describe “the power of documentary films to inspire, enlighten and serve as agents for change.” Snag Films promotes “filmanthropy” by connecting every documentary film in their library to related charitable efforts, putting people in touch with causes and encouraging action. Arts in Action supports “filmanthropy” through it’s public film screening events and crowdfunding support.

Film Screening Events

Screenings are held throughout Melbourne and Victoria, in cinemas and alternative screening venues and spaces (such as galleries, bars, university theatres, outdoor festivals, halls, theatres etc). These can range from small gatherings in more intimate settings to larger events in cinemas, theatres and festivals. Click here for the latest film screening events and news.

Art Exhibitors

Arts in Action also aims to collaborate with visual artists by hosting an exhibition of photography and/or art alongside the screening that explores the same issue or tells a related story. Sometimes the exhibitions will be of images depicting the work of the charity/NGO/not for profit that is being promoted and other times it may be the work of photographers/artists involved in the making of or participation in the film.

Product/Program Exhibitors

Arts in Action is keen to receive expressions of interest from people, businesses or practitioners with relevant products and services, who may be interested in exhibiting them at a stand within the screening venue.

Speakers and Presenters/Panel Discussions

Arts in Action welcomes and invites film creators, Directors, Producers and other experts who are interested in speaking and holding talks and answering audience questions at screening events.

Crowdfunding Film Projects


Kickstarter  is a “crowdfunding” concept which allows film makers to raise funds to complete their film projects. Arts in Action is a supporter of Kickstarter by funding and following projects of interest.  Look for posts written about films that have been backed/funded by Arts in Action. The “fund and follow” model allows backers to keep up to date with the progress of projects and whether they suceed in reaching their funding targets within the set time frame period. It is a great source for finding newly emerging films that relate to the goal and vision of Arts in Action.


Pozible is another crowdfunding platform and community for creative projects and ideas. Developed for artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, event organisers, software developers and all creative minded people to help make great things possible. Arts in Action encourages and works alongside collaborators to raise funds for creative community projects.

Arts in Action Blog

Keep up to date with the latest happenings, screenings, collaborations and developments by subscribing to the Arts in Action blog. Simply enter your email in the subscription box on the top left hand corner of this site. Here you will find posts on relevant and entertaining information about films, backed films, interviews with collaborators, art exhibition announcements, and artist profiles.

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For further information please contact Angie angiemuccillo@gmail.com or call 0417391055

  1. […] Arts in Action is a Melbourne based film screening initiative that presents local and international art and social documentary films which focus on creating social change, in particular the work of art and video activists, photo philanthropists, videographers, street, and other artists whose work makes a difference by challenging perceptions and raising awareness of social, health and environmental issues. […]

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