About Me

The idea behind  Arts in Action was initially inspired by the innovative, creative and deeply moving work of French Activist, Photographer and  2010 TED Prize winner JR who defines his practice as “political activism that uses art.” In February 2011, I developed a strong interest in  JR’s work after reading an article about his new film “Women Are Heroes” on the Philanthropy Writing blog.  I was deeply moved by his larger than life portraits mounted on city walls. I was inspired by the enormity of his outdoor installation projects and compelled by the storytelling aspect of his projects, especially his genuine interest in giving “unseen” women and other marginalised people around the world a “face” by pasting their large scale portraits in public places around their hometown. This process not only created media attention and interest in their lives, their struggles, courage, joys and triumphs, but the women were also changed by the experience as a result of being part of the photographic project.  What an inspiring example of the use of photography, art and film to create social change, to challenge and transform perceptions, to raise awareness and to present new ideas. This became the underlying basis of the Arts in Action concept.

The films I select for public screening are based on ones that move me, make me think and inspire me to take action and make my own difference. In screening them I am making a statement about what matters to me and the change I’d like to see in the world. My interest is in shining a spotlight and sharing the work of innovative thinkers, socially and globally minded individuals/organisations and the creative projects that tell their story.

Arts in Action gratuitously allows me to draw together my favourite personal and professional interests into one big “passion project”! It also allows me to indulge and satisfy my own creative and artistic desires and utilise my professional skills and background experience.

My primary interests and passions include:

  • Photography (art, documentary, photojournalism, humanitarian)
  • Complimentary health practices (massage, EFT, energy psychology)
  • Human rights and social justice
  • Social enterprise

After spending 15 years working in the human services field, I have self been employed since 2002 doing work that I love doing. I am a Photographer, Massage Therapist, EFT Practitioner and Author of Tapping for Kids.  My practical skills and experience include program co-ordination, project management, administration, marketing, teaching, writing, liaising and networking.

I’m overjoyed about bringing this screening project to fruition. Lights, camera, ACTION!

Angie Muccillo BA Social Science- Psych/Soc; Dip Illustrative Photography – Fine Art/Photojournalism; Cert IV Remedial Massage; EFT-ADV.


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