Help Arts in Action raise funds for the making of East Timor’s first locally produced feature filmA Guerra Da Beatriz by attending a special fundraiser screening of Trafficked (2005) the groundbreaking documentary that explores the sex trafficking trade in SE Asia and Australia. Two screenings are being held one on the 12th of August at Hub Melbourne in the city and the second one on the 13th August at Long Play Bar & Cinema in North Fitzroy. TICKETS are available online @ Eventbrite. Seats are limited so BOOK NOW.

Trafficked tells the deeply moving and insightful story of two Thai girls who were sold to Sydney brothels. The trafficking of women and children for prostitution is a global problem. The United Nations estimates that more than one million children are forced into sexual slavery each year. Some of them are trafficked into Australia. Former Australian Federal Police Officer turned private investigator, Chris Payne, and Director, Luigi Acquisto (Abracadabra/FairTrade Films), collaborated for over ten years on the making of this documentary which follows Chris as he investigates this shocking crime.

The documentary first aired on SBS in July 2006 and set a new ratings record for Storyline Australia. According to Luigi “The film did more than raise awareness about an important issue. It made history by acting as a catalyst for the first compensation claims to be made in this country by trafficking victims. Trafficked has resulted in some very real changes: people are more aware of the existence of slavery in Australia, and justice is being sought through our courts for the victims of slavery. This is making legal history and will set precedents for future victims.”

Film Screening Details

Film: TRAFFICKED by Luigi Acquisto, Stella Zammataro, Chris Payne – Abracadabra Films. Length: 52 minutes

Friday 12th August @ Hub Melbourne

Level 3 Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke St Melbourne

Film starts 7pm (Doors open at 6.30)


Saturday 13th @ Long Play Bar & Cinema

318 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North 3068

Film starts 7pm (Venue opens at 6pm food and alcohol can be ordered at the bar)


Tickets: $20 (Funds raised go towards the making of A Guerra Da Beatriz)

Special Guest: Nick Calpakdjian (Film Editor) working with FairTrade Films and Producer Stella Zammataro (Saturday screening) will be present to talk about the work they are doing in Dili to support the East Timorese build a viable film industry. Also find out about the important sequel Trafficked – The Reckoning” which will screen on SBS in September 2011.

A Guerra Da Beatriz – East Timor’s first locally produced Feature Film

Luigi Aquisito and Stella Zammanato of FairTrade Films will produce this historic film A Guerra Da Beatriz together with Dili Film Works, East Timor’s first film & television Production Company and John Maynard, the producer of Balibo. The President of East Timor, and Noble laureate, Jose Ramos Horta, has pledged his support for the film. SBS Australia and The World Movie Channel have acquired the film for broadcast. The finished film will have a gala premiere screening in Dili, tour East Timor’s districts, be entered into prestigious film festivals, be presented at film and television markets and be available for sale on the Internet and as a DVD.

Production starts in September and they need to raise $50 000 to get this film rolling. So help make history and support Timor Leste’s first feature film.

“After 300 years of foreign colonisation and occupation we are free to tell our story. Help us make history”

The Story

A Guerra Da Beatriz is a love story inspired by a true 16th century French story about Bertrande de Rols and her husband Martin Guerre. In this adaptation the story has been transposed to East Timor on the eve of the Indonesian invasion of the Portuguese colony.

The story starts in September 1975 with the wedding of Beatriz and Tomas in a small mountain village in the heart of Timor. Several months later, following the Indonesian invasion of Timor, Beatriz and Tomas, along with hundreds of others from the village, flee to the mountains. They are captured in 1979 and resettled in the village of Kraras.

In 1983 Beatriz gives birth to a son. The child’s life is threatened when Indonesian soldiers massacre every male in the village, over two hundred children and men, in retribution for an attack by the Timorese resistance. Tomas, Beatriz’s husband, is arrested and disappears. Beatriz is unable to find Tomas’s body and desperately holds onto the hope that he has somehow escaped and will return.

Tomas returns sixteen years later, in 1999, following East Timor’s independence. He had fled to the mountains and fought with the resistance. It is a passionate and moving reunion. Beatriz discovers a different man to the boy who left her years earlier. Tomas is now wiser, gregarious and loving. He has learnt much from life and war.

But as time passes, Beatriz makes a chilling discovery. She becomes convinced that Tomas is an impostor, that she has mistaken a stranger for her husband. Who is this man? Why has he taken on a new identity? Tomas’s sisters and family accuse Beatriz of treachery, of being mad. But she is determined to discover the truth.

A Guerra Da Beatriz is the haunting, passionate story of one woman’s conviction to remain true to the man she loves and the country for which she fought.

The Team

A Guerra Da Beatriz has been written by Irim Tolentino, an award winning Timorese author, and Luigi Acquisto. Bety Reis will co-direct the film. Producers are John Maynard and Stella Zammataro. Jose Da Costa from Dili FilmWorks will co-produce the film.

The cast will feature Irim Tolentino as Beatriz. Irim is an original member of the renowned Bibi Bulak theatre company in East Timor. She worked on Balibo and has starred in many local theatre and television productions. Jose Da Costa will play Tomas. Jose is East Timor’s most experienced actor. He played major roles in Answered by Fire and Balibo.

FairTrade Films is committed, through its charter, to an equitable and ethical working relationship with its East Timorese partners. Profits from the film will go to Dili Film Works to finance training and future development and productions. Read Fair Trade Film’s Mission Statement

A Guerra Da Beatriz will be the first in a succession of exciting East Timorese films that tell the story of the nation through the eyes of Timorese writers, directors and producers. Most importantly it will contribute to a sense of nationhood by identifying themes and histories that unite rather than fragment the Timorese people.

If you would like to know more about the film, join the Beatriz Fan Club, sponsor or invest in the film, please contact Stella Zammataro

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