DiCE Screenings @ Donkey Wheel House

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Reviews

Last night I attended a wonderful screening of  The Devil’s 6 Commandments hosted by DiCE at the Donkey Wheel House, the venue where I will be launching Arts in Action in May. DiCE (Digital Independent Cinema Exhibition) is a unique film screening initiative which connects digital filmmakers to local audiences by showcasing Australian independent features and the people behind the making of the film. In the warm and cosy setting of  the basement in this beautiful and historical building, not only did I enjoy the film but also had the opportunity afterwards to participate in an intimate and informative Q&A with the makers of the film, including the cast and Director Dicky Tanuwidjaya.

With monthly screenings I am certainly putting DiCE on my social calendar. It’s fun, entertaining and supports independent Australian filmaking. If you want to know more or are interested in attending a session check out their website for details http://thedice.com.au/  Stay up to date with up and coming screenings on facebook

 Arts in Action supports the work of DiCE and the screening of independent Australian films made using the digital medium.


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